Peer-reviewed Publications


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The image of wolves on the front cover was submitted on our behalf by Dr. Dan Stahler, a Wolf Biologist at Yellowstone National Park.

Schweizer, RM, Robinson, J, Harrigan, R, Silva, P, Galaverni, M, Musiani, M, Green, RE, Novembre, J, Wayne, RK. (2016) Targeted capture and resequencing of 1040 genes reveal environmentally driven functional variation in gray wolves. Molecular Ecology, 25:357–379. Abstract, PDF

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And Perspective piece: Larson, G and Bradley, DG. How much is that in dog years? The advent of canine population genomics. PLoS Genetics, 10:1-3. Abstract


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Popular Science Publications

Stahler, D, vonHoldt, BM, Schweizer, RM, Wayne, RK (2016) Yellowstone wolves at the yellowstone_science_coverfrontiers of genetic research. Yellowstone Science, 45:18-24. PDF